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Soundplay Equipment

Music Station

The Music Station features four popular instruments in one unit: a pentatonic soprano metallophone built back to back with a pentatonic soprano marimba (playing one octave higher), a rain wheel at one end and a set of two tongue drums at the other.  Thus giving several young musicians a chance to create music and play together..

Music Station from £4278.00


Animal Drums

Animal drums are box drum sculptures with 2 mallets - each painted animal is unique. The tone-producing surface is made from Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) and has four pitches. Head, feet, tail and sides of animal are carved from "Trex" brand wood/polymer wood. Mallets are made from UV rated polyurethane rod, strung on vinyl coated cable.


Alligator/Dragon: 33cm H x 223cm
L x 51cm W.

Animal Drum prices from £1868.00

Note: Animal drums must be fastened down for optimal sound and safety.

Installation hardware is included with the instruments.


Palm Pipe Drum

Palm Pipe Drums are dome top PVC pipes in a stand, played with the palm of the hand.

Palm Pipe Drum prices from £1303.00

• Optional music panels are available


Tongue Drums

Tongue Drums are wooden box drums with ratio tuning; two pitches per drum. The tone-producing surface is made from Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood). 2 mallets are supplied per drum.

Tongue Drum from £340.00

Photograph shows a set of 4 tongue drums


Rain Wheel

Based on the rain stick tube rattle of the Americas, the Rain Wheel is a 56cm diameter PVC pipe wheel with stainless steel screws and galvanized steel hardware ready for mounting.

Rain wheel and stand from £868.00



An Amadinda is a xylophone with African roots made from Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood), it includes tone bars without resonators.

Amadinda from £2837.00



A giant (152cm tall) thumb piano (Sansa, Mbira or Rumba box). Six pitches, pentatonic scale.

Kalimba from £1814.00



Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone bars with PVC resonators.

Marimba from £3753.00

• Additional mallets are available
• Optional music panels are available
• Resonators are painted in safety colours (other colours available)



Aluminium tone bars with PVC resonators.

Metallophone from £2390.00

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