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SSP Waterplay is the UK distributor for an ingenious and innovative range of outdoor musical instruments and playscapes. Created by Sound Play, a US-based manufacturer, in conjunction with musician-artist-craftsman Bond Anderson, this play equipment has helped people and communities all across America celebrate music, communication and creativity. The finely tuned instruments are constructed using timber/polymer lumber, created from re-cycled materials, or re-cycled plastics as the base product.

Readily available in our culture, these materials reflect the global practice of using indigenous materials for the construction of musical instruments and also help to expand our awareness of object and function when we see a familiar material used in a new or unusual way.

In addition, the instruments foster an appreciation of the ingenuity of many different cultures, as designs are inspired by instruments from around the world.

You can order a copy of the SSP Soundplay Brochure here.

Made up of three groups, Melodic Percussion, Animal Drums and Sound Sculptures. the equipment offers unique opportunities to develop skills as wide ranging as non-verbal communication, gross motor development, peer group and intergenerational interaction.

Instruments can be used in stand-alone formats or combined into a unique playscape offering children the chance to explore music in a fun and exciting way.

SSP Soundplay offer customers the challenge to provide their own instrument ideas, and will happily provide bespoke quotations.

All instruments are available in completed form, shipped to the site ready for installation.

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