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Decoy Wow Wow Wet Area, Decoy Country Park, Newton Abbot
Teignbridge District Council

The new 230m2 interactive waterplay area within Decoy Country Park, Teignbridge is the second to be opened in the area and replaces a dilapidated paddling pool. Its unusual name is the result of a competition amongst children at Decoy Primary School who were involved in a consultation exercise to find out what young people wanted to see included in the new area.

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Holywells Park, Ipswich
Ipswich Borough Council

The 120m2 waterplay park situated in historic Holywells Park, Ipswich has been designed to blend into the park’s natural surroundings. Fed by an ancient well, the water supply is treated with a state-of-the-art UV sterilisation system. The water supply is extremely environmentally sound as it is entirely sustainable and chemical-free.

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Happy Mount Park, Morecambe
Lancaster City Council

Opened in June 2006, the new Splash Park in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe, replaces a much loved paddling pool and provides a safe and exciting play facility for children of all ages. The water used at the splash park is recycled continually through the disinfection system and water quality is regularly monitored throughout the day. The water features have variable timing devices which constantly change the height and flow of the water. Lancaster City Council is happy with the new facility as running costs have been reduced and safety improved compared to the old paddling pool.

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Promenade Park, Maldon
Maldon District Council

Promenade Park, Maldon, which includes the new 500m2 waterpark, was awarded a Civic Trust Green Flag in recognition of the high quality of facilities on offer. Opened in July 2006, the new waterpark, which includes 15 water features set out on a rubberised safety surface, was an instant success with over 15,000 visitors in the first 6 weeks alone.

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Mooragh Park, Ramsey, Isle of Man

Funded by a generous bequest, the splash park at Mooragh Park on the Isle of Man is the first of its kind on the island. Set within the lovely formal gardens, the 220sq.m waterplay area replaced an old paddling pool and complements the existing facilities at the park which include a children’s play area, bowling green, skate park and nursery.

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Aberavon Sea Front
Neath Port Talbot Borough Council

Designed to compliment the new esplanade development in Aberavon, this project was to refurbish a redundant paddling area and provide a safe water play experience near to the beach.
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Belvedere Park, Bexleyheath
Bexley Council


SSP Waterplay delivered their latest water park for Bexley council in summer 2005; the largest of its kind in Europe at 700 sqm, the interactive ‘splash zone’ incorporated a wide range of both in-ground effects and colourful above ground jets, numbering 27 in all.

In addition to designing and installing the complete water play area, SSP were also tasked with providing a kiosk and plant room, the latter housing the latest filtration and recirculation equipment for providing European ‘Blue Flag’ quality bathing water for the hundreds of children enjoying the exciting facilities on offer.

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Castle Green, Dundee
Dundee City Council


Another water playground incorporated into an overall park refurbishment, and featuring a small ‘splash pool’, that allows the younger children to play and explore with water in complete safety. Close to the River Tay, this spectacular playground is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike.

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Grays Beach, Thurrock Essex
Thurrock Council

The objective here was to build an interactive water park accessible to children of all abilities, with a full re-circulation package on a green field site. The area was to appeal to age ranges from toddlers through to 12 year olds. The park is a supervised site thus enabling the area to be gated and a charge levied to use the area. This gave the park control over the numbers playing on the park at any one time and a revenue stream to help cover the running costs of the park. The interactive water play area played a key role in helping Grays Beach win a green flag award.

Derbyshire Dales District Council

Situated in a mature park, the water play area is integrated into the children’s playground in Halls Ley in the centre of Matlock. It has retained a paddling pool element, combined with multiple in-ground jet effects, including a Water Fence and Baby Long Legs. At just over 100sq m, Matlock is classed as a smaller water park, and has 9 jets in total plus a Sound Stick. The brightly coloured rubberised surface is formed seamlessly with the ‘splash zone’ to provide a fun, safe experience for youngsters as well as older siblings and their carers!
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Ridley Park, Blyth
Blyth Valley Borough Council

Part of a larger park re-generation scheme, Ridley Park now features a popular water playground that is designed to attract families with young children. The access to the newly refurbished park has proved extremely popular, and contains one of the new low-depth ‘splash pools’, that combine the fun of traditional paddling pools with the 21st century self-draining technology.
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Rugby Borough Council

This project is a fully interactive deck-level park that provides a carefully balanced selection of equipment designed to include a quieter play area for toddlers. Larger effects, such as Daddy Long Legs, provide a stimulating and fun environment for the 6-12 year old children.
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Ryde Promenade, Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight Council

Designed from a client brief, Ryde ‘Splash Zone’ was created from an old paddling pool. Retaining a wade element, and complemented by the interactive water features from SSP, visitors and residents alike delight in this attractive hybrid setting that retains the best of the old feature whilst introducing 21st century water play to the Isle of Wight.  

Sandy Lane, Chester
Chester City Council

Situated close to the river, this park features a cross section of interactive splash features and is run as a single throughput (single use) water playground. The interesting graphics have been faithfully recreated in the wet-pour surfacing, and stimulates children’s imagination
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St Johns Recreation Ground, Hedge End, Southampton
Eastleigh Borough Council

The project brief was to provide an interactive water playground with a shallow wade area. A sloping beach was used to connect the wade area and the interactive water play area together. The playground is situated in an open park with free access, so it was important that the area was vandal resistant and safe for children of all abilities, without the need for outside supervision other than parental supervision.

Verulamium Park, St Albans
St. Albans District Council

The first interactive water park to be designed and built in a National Heritage park; the roman site precluded excavation, and so the pipework and fittings were carefully concealed in a raised platform that has been expertly chamfered to enable the water to drain successfully.
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The Borough Council of Wellingborough

Harnessing the water from a bore hole, SSP WaterPlay has provided an innovative water park that utilises U.V. disinfection to ensure the water is safe to use in the park and, as no chemicals are used, clean enough to be discharged straight into a water course. Children here can play in amongst the interesting jets such as Moppet Poppet or Aqua Arch, whilst their older siblings make straight for the Silly Shower, a three-armed water feature that can be programmed, like all the other effects, to suit the bather load and time of day ensuring that water consumption is optimised.

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