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Interaction Devices

Water Odyssey™ Sound Systems bring a new dimension to play. The combination of Water Odyssey™ digital audio playback and aquatic play equipment gives the designer the tools to create unique interactive play environments. Our Sound Systems can provide basic entertainment, instructions, e.g., safety reminders, or interactive game play feedback. For more information, contact your local representative or the factory. All systems use low voltage and are safe for use in both aquatic and dry playgrounds.


Directions, instructions, safety rules, educational information, or general information.

Games: Skill, logic, traditional, “elaborate play”.

Entertainment: Pre-recorded sounds, music, radio recordings, jokes, short stories.


Sound Sticks™

Boom Bollard™

Catalog#: W203

Activity: This Sound Stick™ adds a fun dimension to all sound applications. The Touch & Go™ activator bollard is really cool – just ask us!


Sound Stick™

Catalog#: W201

Activity: The Sound Stick™ may be used to activate remote play components and to initiate sequencing with sounds. Sound Sticks™ are also used to initiate game play, give game instructions, and to announce game scores.


Sound and Activator Module

Catalog#: W202

Activity: Themed play elements come to life with Water Odyssey™ interactive sound systems. Many play components can include sound such as the Water Snake™, Sea Dragon™ and larger play components like the Dumpin’ Buccaneer™.


Water Odyssey™ Interactive Sound Systems

A. Basic Playback: Each time the activator is pressed a sound plays.

B. WDC Controlled Sound Playback: Utilizes outputs from the WDC Controller so that a sound can be linked to a specific play component. Sound can be activated by touch
and on a repeat cycle, e.g., every 10 minutes.

C. Advanced Sound Playback: Provides more advanced capabilities utilizing Sound Sticks™ for multiple game play, question answering scenarios, musical “keyboards”, and memory games.

Custom Themes: All Sound Sticks™ are available with custom themes created by our in-house artists.


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