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Interaction Devices


Steppers™ are a new way of activating flush-mounted in-ground units. They consist of interactive nozzles that are activated when a child stands on them; either to turn the flow on or off. They can be used individually or on common manifolds for greater interaction. These durable units are manufactured of machined cast bronze with precision machined Delrin® movable nozzles and are available in standard Water Odyssey™ colours.

Play Manifolds are designed to provide a creative interactive water play environment using Steppers™ nozzles with other in-ground play components. Working together, kids can divert water to the larger spray effect by standing on the Steppers™ nozzles to divert their flow. Fun wet play that also promotes team work and cooperation. The assembly includes the manifold, nozzles, and levelling bolts.

The Steppers™ nozzles can be set out in a variety of configurations and with different flush-mount water features such as the Aqua Arch™, Daddy Long Legs™, Jet Way™, Baby Long Legs™ or Water Weave™.

Just some of the Steppers™ nozzle effects

Launch Pad™

Catalog#: W017-W - Wireless Launch Pad™
Catalog#: W017 - Wired Launch Pad™

The versatile Launch Pad™ may be deck or wall mounted.


Touch & Go™

Catalog#: W009-W - Wireless Touch & Go
Catalog#: W009 - Wired Touch & Go

The Touch & Go™ activator bollard is really cool – just ask us!


Shaft Mounted Activator Button

Catalog Number Suffices:
Catalog#: -SW - For wireless push button
Catalog#: -ST - For wired push button

These are featured options on most above grade play components


Motion Pole™

Catalog#: W079-1 - Motion Pole™
with one sensor
Catalog#: W079-2 - Motion Pole™
with two sensors
Catalog#: W079-3 - Motion Pole™
with three sensors

Activity: This activator incorporates motion detectors to sense the presence of children and to initiate the Play Scenario of the aquatic play area. Units are available with one to three sensors. Use one in the center of the play area or one or more units on the perimeter.


Coin Activator

Catalog#: W045

Activity: The Water Odyssey™ Coin Activator provides a means to generate revenue. Constructed of stainless steel, this unit is available with coin operators for tokens and most international coins.


Hand Wheels

Activity: Enhance your design with a themed hand wheel. These units are of stainless steel and are coated with our unique five-step finish. There are many other designs available. Contact your local representative for more information.


Roto Flow Bollard™

Activity: The Roto Flow™ bollard is a remote control unit that allows children to operate an aquatic play component from a distance. Unit will handle up to 30 GPM.


Roto Flow Valve™

Activity: The Roto Flow™ valve is a remote control unit that allows children to operate larger aquatic play components from a distance. Unit will handle up to 250 GPM.


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