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Water Odyssey™ Dynamic Controllers redefine the term “user-friendly”.

The Water Odyssey™ Dynamic Controller (WDC) represents a veritable revolution in aquatic playground controllers. The WDC allows you to change your operating hours and Play Scenarios™ easily in the field so that you no longer need to pay a supplier to write a new program for your installation. The WDC has a series of menus that allow quick access to the system properties, operating hours, and the events that make up your aquatic park’s Play Scenario™. The WDC can store up to 60 events, each of which can be activated by a number of sources from time clocks to wireless activators, with functions ranging from a simple duration timer to fully defined sequences.

1: Easy to read, 4 x 20 backlit LCD screen.
2: Input / Output indicator lights.
3: Complete park programming from hours of operation to Play Scenarios ™
4: 8 wired inputs and 16 outputs expandable to 80 and 160, respectively.
5: 32 wireless inputs.
6: Easy to wire.
7: Daily park hours can be individually adjusted in 15 minute increments.
8: Optional housings; NEMA 1 , NEMA 4X, and NEMA 3R Pedestals in stainless steel or polyester powder coated electro plate steel.
9: Lowest cost per output in the industry.
10: U.L. Listed
11: Password protected.
12: 3-year warranty.

Water Script

1: A WaterScript™ CD-ROM is supplied with a Water Odyssey™ Dynamic Controller (WDC) on every project with your park Play Scenario™ pre-loaded.

2: WaterScript™ allows quick and easy click and drag changes to park hours and Play Scenarios™.

3: Easily upload changes to the WDC with a standard serial port cable connection.

4: Create and store alternate Play Scenarios™ for special events and seasonal changes.

5: Manage water usage in potable system designs.



1: When a child steps on or pushes a Wireless Activator, it sends a signal to the WDC which tells valves to open on command for a certain duration of time.

2: Activators are powered by a safe 9-volt battery that only requires changing annually.

3: No conduit or wiring connections are required between the controller/receiver and the play area.

4: Activators transmit a signal 150+ feet.

5: Wireless activators lower construction costs.

6: The WDC can be mounted in an equipment room or other protected location up to 300 feet from play area.

7: Wireless activators may be easily relocated.


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