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Whether an enclosed monitored play area or an open park environment, showers and drinking fountains, with appropriate signage, will help keep the play experience fun and healthy. All units are of type 304 stainless steel, coated with our durable 5 stage coating system and are supplied with 18/8 tamper-resistant hardware, mounting bolts, and concrete anchors.

Body Shower

Catalog#: W168

The Body Shower features a machined brass full cone spray shower head and a chrome plated brass slow-closing valve with adjustable 15-25 second open time and automatic shut-off.


Foot Shower

Catalog#: W169

The Foot Shower incorporates a machined brass full cone spray shower head that will quickly clean dirty feet. It is equipped with a chrome plated brass slow-closing valve with adjustable 15-25 second open time and automatic shut-off.


Combination Shower

Catalog#: W170

The Combination Shower features separate machined brass full cone spray shower heads and chrome plated brass slow-closing valves with adjustable 15-25 second open time and automatic shut-off for body and foot wash.


Watering Hole™ Drinking Fountain

Catalog#: W167

Activity: The ADA Compliant Watering Hole™ Drinking Fountain will catch any child’s imagination. The basins are 18/8 stainless steel and the valves are chrome plated brass with automatic shut-off.


Plain Drain™

Catalog#: W200

Activity: Plain Drain™ is a cost-effective drain and sump assembly with a skid-resistant grate in your choice of colors. Includes an internal basket strainer and stainless steel tamper-resistant


Decorative Drains

Catalog#: W037-(style)

Activity: Enhance your aquatic play area with these attractive drains. Available in nine standard designs and we welcome your custom requests.


Winterization Covers

Catalog#: W057

Activity: Manufactured of 1/8” stainless steel plate. Available in three sizes for flush mounted housings and two for the anchor bases.
Supplied as a kit with the plate, 0-ring, tamper-resistant screws and installation instructions.

Catalog Numbers:

W117 -7 - For Moppet Poppet™, Aqua Arch™, Jet Way™, Baby Long Legs™, Water Sprout™, Anywayspray™, Water Flower, Splash-O-Lator™, Dandelion Dome™,
and Bubbler™

W117 -11 - For Daddy Long Legs™, Water Fan™, Water Wave™, Water Lava™, Water Crown™, Geyserino™, and Cloud 9™

W117 -13 - For Water Weave™ and Water Round™

W117 -AB4 - For 4” Anchor Base

W117 -AB6 - For 6” Anchor Base



Catalog#: WIM Series

Series WIM Distribution manifolds feature stainless steel headers and cast bronze solenoid valves pre-wired with 12’ cords. Standard units include a water hammer arrestor, a pressure reducer, a pressure gauge, and hose bib/drain.


Valve Boxes

Catalog#: WVB3232 - for up to 8 discharges
Catalog#: WVB3264 - for up to 16 discharges

Activity: Series WVB Valve Boxes feature heavy-duty FRP Construction with drafted sides for greater strength. FRP lids are strong, light weight, and do not create a heat hazard on hot days. All units have a wiring channel, a 2” conduit connection, and stainless steel tamper-resistant fasteners. Ideal for use with an above grade Pedestal Mounted Controller.


Solenoid Valves

Catalog#: W044-100 - 1" Bronze Solenoid Valve
Catalog#: W0440150 - 1 1/2" Bronze Solenoid Valve

Catalog#: W044-200 - 2" Bronze Solenoid Valve
Catalog#: W044-300 - 3 " Bronze Solenoid Valve

Activity: These high quality cast bronze solenoid valves are known for their long life, low maintenance requirements, and reliability. They are supplied with a UL Recognized solenoid, a DIN connector, and a 15 foot type SO cable for easy wiring. Standard voltage is 24VAC.


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