Additional Opportunities

A Water Park or ‘Splash Zone’ is a 21st century experience, and as such, is far removed from a standard ‘dry’ playground, with some of the larger units being a separate leisure facility in their own right.

Additional revenue can be generated from a water park, and we believe it should be given due consideration as a method of offsetting both capital and maintenance costs.

Primary - Admission
Charging an admission price has two benefits: 1) It places a value upon the water park and raises the perception in the eyes of the customers and 2) Control of numbers ensures an equitable mix of users on the park at any one time.

A good example of this is the water park at Grays Beach, Thurrock Essex. The aim of this project was to build an interactive water park accessible to children of all abilities and age ranges from toddlers through to 12 year olds. As the park was to be a supervised site, this enabled the area to be gated and a charge levied to use the area. This gave the park control over the numbers playing on the park at any one time and a revenue stream to help cover the running costs. The interactive water play area played a key role in helping Grays Beach win a green flag award.

Secondary – Catering & Merchandise
The dwell time at an aquatic water playground is substantially longer than a traditional ‘dry’ play area, and therefore parents & guardians will need to be catered for, so once they have seating, toilets, shelter etc they will begin to look for secondary spend opportunities in the form of food & drink, ice-creams etc.
Appropriate merchandising can be made available as well, including UV protective clothing & sun block.

Secondary - Facilities
Additional revenue can be raised by installing equipment that will enhance the experience, such as People Dryers & Lockers. Customers can then enjoy the whole experience knowing their valuables are secured, and they will have access to quick drying facilities afterwards, a key point if they have come unprepared for the water park.

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