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Introducing the New SSP Water Tower


Splash - Squirt - Tip - Fill - Spill - Spray - Soak

No pumps
Low running costs
Low maintenance
Low water usage
East to install (poor site access no problem)
Durable, quality manufacture


Water Tower Provides

100m2 of active water play
Interactive and sensory play for all ages
Striking visual impact
A user friendly experience

Water Tower... create a lasting impression

The main tower feature provides a highly themed structure standing an impressive 5.5m tall. The eye-catching design is ideal for areas of dead space which need regeneration and rejuvenation.

The Water Tower concept is ideal for parks, attractions and public spaces where budgets cannot stretch to a large splash-pad but where there is a desire to bring water play to the community. 

As the Water Tower requires no heavy plant work for installation, previously unviable or inaccessible areas can be revitalized by this play structure. 

The Water Tower’s unique design incorporates a plant room into the tower itself so there is no need for a separate treatment plant and costly in-ground tanks. The Water Tower is operated on a single throughput system utilising low volumes of water which are put to maximum use through the design of the interactive water features.

Requiring just a 13 amp 240v electrical supply and a simple water connection that conforms to local water authority regulations, the water tower’s running costs are kept to a minimum.

Water Tower... You choose

The Water Tower can have up to 4 interactive arms connected to the tower. New arms can be added at a future date or swapped around for a change in scenario. The arms provide the water feed to an imaginative range of water features.  Choose from:

tipping buckets
water wheels
themed showers
water curtains
spray rail
pipe falls
funnel fills

The play experience is maximized by the connection of the water features to an activator button positioned on the leg of the Water Tower. Through our unique controller system, several different programmes can be created to provide different play scenarios and maintain the element of anticipation, surprise and excitement.

The Water Tower can hold up to 4 main interactive arms with 3 further interactive arms off each of the main support arms. An impressive 20 water features can be included to create 100 square metres of water-active area. Complement the overhead action with up to 4 in-ground water jets to ensure an element of surprise!

Water Tower... Gravity Power

The unique design of our Water Tower uses gravity to force water from the main tank with sufficient

power to operate the various water features and in-ground jet nozzles. This ingenious system provides enough pressure to rival any standard circulating system.

Water Tower... What does it cost?

Subject to site survey, supply, installation & commissioning, the Water Tower costs from just £55,000 + VAT.

Site requirements

Power supply 13 amp 240 volt
Mains water supply (preferably minimum 32mm or greater)
Mains sewer connection.
Concrete base (possibly an existing pool)


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