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As sole European agents for The Fountain People's™, Water Odyssey, Fun Forms waterplay equipment, SSP Water & Play supply and install the highest quality splash play areas available in the market today.  To discuss your specific requirements and how SSP Water & Play can bring life and vitality to your waterplay project, please contact us at or call +44 (0)1276 489999.

Why Fun Forms™ are the best and most innovative

product in Aquatic Play...

Each Fun Form is created with a shock absorbent poly-core, encased in the trade-marked structural elastomeric Aqua Armor™. This is the toughest structural coating in the industry, is resistant to UV, chlorine and other harsh pool chemicals and can stand up to extreme climate conditions. Aqua Armor™ has been impact tested at 40°F below freezing showing no noticeable damage that would hinder the structural integrity of the product. That's why Fun Forms™ are backed by a Two Year Structural Warranty.

There are 30 standard spray effects for Fun Forms™ and each product has been paired with a spray effect or multiple spray effects to best represent the product as a whole. An innovative and exciting new product in Aquatic Play, which is fantastic for theming up any area.



At birth, the Fun Form goes through a rigorous process from illustration to sculpture. Once the Fun Form takes shape, it is given a layer of protective ‘Aqua Armor’. It provides strength and protection against natural elements, impact and physical stress.

Each detail, line and groove has been worked by hand and is given an artist’s touch with brilliant UV resistant colours. After the graphics have been applied, a UV protectant top coat is then given to each Fun Form™ to add extra life to the final product. The end result is a UV protective coat that is two to three times thicker than the protective coat applied to most automobiles.

Any product from the Fun Forms catalogue is a standard product, so if there is an idea that has not yet been expressed, we can look at creating bespoke items to accommodate your theming needs.  All Fun Forms above grade aquatic playground components have been designed in accordance with the ASTM Standard Practice of Interactive Aquatic Play Equipment as non-climbable structures.



Fun Forms are meant to go anywhere and everywhere. Aquatic Centres and supervised spray grounds are ideal locations for this product line, but because of their durability they can also go into any traditional dry play area. From initial concept, Fun Forms were designed for unsupervised play-grounds around the world. This means they are made for rigid durability and flexible enough to soften the impact of rambunctious children, decreasing the risk of injury.

Fun Forms™ Ranges

Aqua Spouts

Fun Forms Aqua Spouts are perfect for any aquatic play setting designed to complete any theme concept with toddlers in mind. There are over fifty brightly themed hand detailed standard designs to choose from.


Aqua Sprayers

Fun Forms Aqua Sprayers are perfect for any aquatic play setting including a line of sprayers for Lazy River applications. Designed to complete any theme, these sprayers appeal to ages 3 and up. There are over seventy standard designs to choose from.


Aqua Slides

Fun Forms Aqua Slides vary between three different sizes for three different ages groups. There are over forty brightly coloured standard designs to choose from.


Aqua Games

Fun Forms Aqua Games develop team building skills and interaction between youngsters throughwater effects and sound. The standard themed designs come with activators, sounds and Spin N’Spray jets.


Hover Pads

Hover Pads are perfect for any supervised aquatic  play setting on a deck or in a zero depth entry pool. Designed to complete any theme, Hover Pads appeal to ages 2 and up. These brightly themed, hand detailed standard designs vary in size for different age groups.

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